A Year In Review For LinkOceans- This Happened To Us In 2018

year in review for linkoceans

2018 has been a fantastic year for us. We can’t thank you enough for the support and love. ๐Ÿ™‚

From our startup journeyย serving few clients and now connected with 500+ awesome customers.

All this was possible because of you and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Your trust in our services helped us to reach some of the remarkable milestones that we could ever think off.

And since the last day of the year is at corner, we want to share a quick insight of the 2018 year – how it’s been for us, what we did, and what are our plans. Take a look and do share your thoughts at the end of the post.

year in review for linkoceans

LinkOceans 2018 Year In Review

Here is a quick review of the 2018 year for LinkOceans.com

We started the year with a BANG! We got high recommendations on social media networks, whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Honestly, it never happened to us before (when we started).

2017 was okay for us. We were hitting the ground that time and collecting funds for our business.

We started our business online, selling services, but we didn’t have a portfolio or a website.

We used to take feedback from the clients on Facebook and made the screenshots of it so that we can reuse the same for other clients. ๐Ÿ˜€

Yeah, that was the way we were operating. Our focus was to hit the ground with the experience we have. We didn’t think so ahead. We were focusing on getting our first client.

Over the time, we realized how tough it could be, you know, to get to the clients with the services we have like content writing, SEO, PR, etc.

And without a portfolio, it becomes tough, because you have nothing to show to the clients correctly.

Like, what services we offer precisely, what’s the testimonial that we got, who are our clients, where we belong to, etc. etc.

And for every single query of them, you have to gather all the proofs, type the same thing again and again where it’s Skype, LinkedIn or Facebook.

So, in the mid of December 2017, we decided to have a portfolio- a website to channelize further.

We hired a developer who got us the theme ready. We set up all the services with the testimonials that we got from the clients.

Also, we compiled an FAQ for the common questions asked the clients.

And then in 2018, we started the first week of January with a BANG!

Yeah, we did. ๐Ÿ™‚

Met New Clients From Abroad

From Indian client’s base (to just 20-30 clients in 2017), we reached to 500+ clients 2018 (mostly from abroad this time).

People have shown trust in our services from different countries, like UK, Singapore, US, Australia, Germany, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Denmark, etc.

And all that was possible with the help of the client’s recommendations. Yeah, that’s where the marketing worked for us.

We never knew the value of a chain of recommendations, how it could take us so far.

But I have to be honest here with one thing, and that is, we always focus on our client’s happiness and satisfaction.

And I believe that objective never shift our focus to anything else and the result is there. We are here and roaring. ๐Ÿ™‚

We reached 15000+ USD (in 2018) business funds which were aroundย 1000 USD (in 2017) and merely just $60 in mid of 2017.

I still remember the first client whom we served, gave us $30 which we compromised in buying another service. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are some of the amazing feedback that we got. Take a look.

marketing promotion

Our Inventory Got Bigger- Added 1000+ Websites

From just a bunch of sites in 2017 and what others are usually selling, we extended our inventory to 1000+ sites in 2018 (all real sites, niche relevant, authority+general, and no PBNs).ย 

This stands us out from others. Because what we were offering wasn’t available elsewhere.

This helped us to serve clients in all possible niches who were looking for better links and SEO.

From niches like WordPress, Blogging, Marketing, we explored our inventory to Health, Beauty, Fashion, Tech, Casino, Marijuana, Automotive, etc.

Today, we have websites available in all possible niches. You have to drop us a query, and we would be there to help you out. ๐Ÿ™‚

Moreover, we always offered the best possible discount if the clients are ordering in bulk, if not, we never mind that, we still provided the best prices.

We work on our inventory regularly, and whatever new we get, we add it to our list and bring new sites on the table.

We also filter out the dead ones. If something is old and of no use today, we remove it from our list.

That’s how we operate. You can expect more sites are coming into our list this year.

We Created Business For Others

It feels incredible when your business creates businesses for others, and this is what LinkOceans Team did.

From a team of just a few writers, we got the opportunity to work with 20+ amazing writers over the web. And I’m proud to say that we paid them handsomely well (to the best standards in the market).

Also, we brought businesses to other site owners for whom it was difficult to find the leads, but we filled that bridge.

We connected to amazing resellers as well and worked with them for their clients to convert them into potential ones. This helped resellers generating business. We also got to work with different SEO agencies in the market.

Started TWO New Ventures

LinkOceans (our first startup) helped us to launch two projects in 2018. We have started working on it already, and pretty soon we will be sharing some insights for them as well.

All we have come this far today is because of your support and cooperation. You all have been humble to us. If you guys hadn’t shown trust, we couldn’t have come this long.

Thanks again!

Our Future Plans

We just took a small initiative in 2016 and built it somehow in 2017. And starting with just small made me felt, that This Can’t Be IT.

We have already launched services like Website development, Content Writing, Blogger Outreach, Social Media Promotions besides guest posts, link building and SEO.

The two new projects are on their way.

We are keenly focused on taking our inventory and our client’s base BIGGER! Also, we are planning to come up with a PRODUCT that could help you with better SEO.

Having said that, if you have any suggestions or the challenges that you face in SEO, do let us know. We might work on it, and it could help us to come up with something extraordinary.

At last, we want to wish you guys a very Happy New Year on behalf of every team member at LinkOceans unit.

Thanks again to your excellent support and we hope to make you smile in coming days as well.

Something For You- New Year Discount

Before you go, we would like to tell you that we are offering 20-25% FLAT New Year discount till January 1st week. So, in case if you want to check out our updated inventory or have any links requirements, feel free to contact us back.

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