Nofollow Vs Dofollow Link Myths: Understand SEO Basics

importance of nofollow links

I decided to write this post when I saw people having myths with Nofollow Links like it’s a waste of money and gives no results.

But the truth is Nofollow links are equally important and have power as dofollow.

A part of my service offers outreach services, link building, guest posting, and PR on high authority sites.

When my clients ask only dofollow links, it puts me in question.

I ask them why don’t you equally go for building a Nofollow along with the follow link?

The answer I get is nofollow link is of no use, does not help in ranking, generate no traffics, etc…

You should know that link building is a powerful strategy to boost your SEO.

From getting a quality backlink to a great piece of content, it’s also crucial to promote your content well so that you get most of it.

Well, if you have decided that only dofollow links help you get rankings in SERP’s then remember, that Google itself uses over 200 ranking factors in their algorithm.

The number of referring and quality domains (aged domains can be given preferences) is what helps you rank according to the Google algorithm.

In this post, I’ll help you know the ratio, difference, and tactics to make the most of your nofollow links.

Understand What Is A Nofollow Link

When you build nofollow links for your website, you take the referral traffic from the referring website to your site.

These links build less domain authority than a dofollow link does.

Nofollow links can restrict passing link juice to the referenced site, but it can never stop you from getting referral traffic.

Reader to a post does not see the link type (dofollow/nofollow) before clicking.

How To Identify A Nofollow Link?

Link structure is like: <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Backlink</a>

By default a link is a follow one and if you put rel=”nofollow” it becomes a nofollow.

You can also download the Nofollow chrome extension that identifies a nofollow link present anywhere during your surfing.

What Ratio Should You Keep Between Nofollow & Dofollow Link Types?

Every blogger/business owner/newbie wants to get an answer to this question.

The best possible answer is that there is no definitive ratio in Google algorithm that one should maintain.

But what I noticed with my experience while building links for clients is it’s best to keep the ratio like 70:30.

Where 70 is, follow, and 30 goes to nofollow links.

importance of nofollow links

When I started LinkOceans, it’s DA was 0 but within the next one and half months, it became 13. I just got links in author byline from some sites where I was contributing articles. At times, it was a dofollow and at times some site admins strictly restrict dofollow from author byline. So it was more like some links were nofollow and some were dofollow.

But again what worked for me might not work exactly for you. SEO is all about taking the risk with right approach if you fail, change your techniques again to rework on it.

Tactics To Make Most From Nofollow Links:

The tips which you’re going to read below are purely what I tested while building links to for clients websites. If you are a newbie blogger or a business owner, you can apply the same.

I’m pretty sure it will bring positive differences than before.

1. Get Backlinks From Aged Domains: Getting a link from new site will not make any difference to your ranking factors.

Reasons are quite clear there are no traffic=no readers; initially, the site would also not have any linkbacks (referring sites) which build no DR (Domain rating).

2. Tiered Link Building Concept: This is the most loved actionable strategy of backlinks for my clients.

Let us understand the concept with this example:

I decided to get the backlink from for my site:

I got the well written informative article with link placement on Entrepreneur. This is my first tiered link.

Now, I’ll take any related site to my business, craft the content and link back to Entrepreneur post (where my link is placed) on any specific keyword (this will give more link juice to the first one) this will now be called as tiered link building.

It works like GEM to help you rank higher!

In either case, readers will redirect to your site page only! Interesting right?

Always remember if you write the article for the sake of getting links, you will be empty-handed.

Your content must provide any information, tricks, tips, or facts that prove to be a good read for end users.

3. Generate Link Magnet Content: What does generating link magnet content means?

Content should be crafted keeping in mind that it generates high-quality links. If your content is relevant, provides a solution to the discussed problem then readers, of course, would love to backlink your post.

In most cases, such contents also pull bookmarks too.

Let your content and nofollow links work like a Domino effect.

Build links generate more links from current links to let people find you all over the web.

Ever thought, why people like to link back posts of people like Brain Dean, Neil Patel, Jeff Bullas, etc.?

It’s because they come with thought and guide people through to a topic.

Moreover, readers remember them because they give a unique name to their strategy.

Some of the famous and most successful strategies are:

So, even if you get a nofollow link to articles well written by you just go ahead and let readers read and come back to your blog again.

Promote the content well on social media platforms as you know how much social media can help you grow your business.

To achieve something different you have to initiate something different to make your mark.

I hope you find this article useful and it clears all your myths about whether to take a nofollow link or not. Do let me know what sort of nofollow links you build for your site and what percentage you prefer for follow vs nofollow.

If you like the post, do share it with others and educate them about the importance of nofollow links.


  1. Hi there!

    I was told that you are using Yoggy’s Money Vault E-Mail Scraper. Would you recommend it? Is it good for gathering leads?

    I was given your site on an SEO forum.

    Cheers mate. Look forward to hearing from you as I want to buy the software.

  2. Hey,Very nice and informational post. You have explained the basic concepts . I love to read your blogs and I read almost every blog on your website as the ratio you have mentioned is good 70 for Do Follow & 30 for No Follow. No follow links are useful, they can at least bring some traffic. Hopefully, I will get the desired results. Thanks for posting such great stuff.

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