Why Marketing Is Must For A Startup And How To Do It?


I also have a startup like you. I bagged my first 500$ in less than a month which is now a recurring of 3000$ a month. So, if I say marketing for a startup is a must, you would have to believe me, and you’ll be satisfied after reading this blog to why it is.

My business partner Deep and I recognised our skills (content marketing, product marketing, and promotion) which we turned now into a recurring income. In our early stages when we had no resources but skills we made our first FIFTY clients. These clients started recommending us for services like Content Writing, Paid Guest Posts, PR, Blogger Outreach Campaigns, etc.

Recommendations always work as a word of mouth marketing, and it helped us too in our business. This was our first indirect marketing. There are approx 65% of people who act after they get any suggestions from someone rather than trying any services at first hand.

And this is what anyone in business wanted incoming of clients. The 50 client figure today turned out to be a 500+ client base. So. you can see the power of recommendation, i.e. “Word of Mouth Marketing “.

So what was the catch behind those word of mouth for our service?

Value Clients Only!

We always focused on client’s requirements doesn’t matter what’s their budget is. We always listened to them and tried to help them in the best way possible.

We always have our objective cleared-

“No matter what, we are going to deliver the best of our service to our clients”.

And it always counts.

Clubbing all our expertise to one we developed our HUB- LinkOceans.com

And yeah, when you follow that principle, you get feedback like this. 🙂

marketing promotion

Our Second Approach To Marketing Promotion That Led 1K Dollars In A Month:

Apart from recommendations, we started promoting our services. Our second approach was getting active into social networks. The reason being there are various groups on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Having a good number of active users looking for Guest Posting, Link Building, SEO, Website Optimization, etc. If you try to gain even 10% of each group you are on track.  

The income we generated from social networks is approx 3000$. Yes, you heard right! And that income is now a recurring one.

The concept is simple. Hunt for the leads, talk to them, pitch your services and DEAL!

I will talk about on “how to use social media platforms to generate business” in my upcoming articles. Do subscribe to our newsletter so that you don’t miss any updates. 🙂

Take a look at the testimonials that we got for our services from the social groups.

client testimonial

A Startup Should Have A Clear Vision And Goal Even If No Resources:

Have you ever thought about what comes first- the venture or the customers?

The customers are the first. And the reason for your venture existence or opening are the Customers. You can’t invest BIG if you don’t have clients for your services.

Suppose a content writer will earn his first few customers from the social groups flaunting his services and delivering them timely. On completion of few orders, there will be an inflow of cash from which he/she can manage his/her investments in establishing venture. Same like we did.  

Our Third Approach To Marketing Promotion- Video Marketing

Once you have your website, start with the third approach of marketing “Video Marketing” which works like a gem if done correctly. You can find the areas where the clients are looking for solutions to their problems and how well you can relate them in videos.

Once you are done with that, start recording the videos and try to rank them as well.

Few tips that you can use to rank your videos higher on SERPs:

  • Use Video Tags
  • Having SEO Video Title
  • Do have an intro and outro of Video
  • Call To Action Buttons at the end of the video  

If you think this approach is not for you, think again. A small initiative brings great deals if a little hesitation is kept aside. Like I did and was able to make my first video, keeping apart all seconds thoughts and focusing on the topic.

Fourth Approach To Marketing Promotion – Guest Posting/Link Buiding:

Startups primary focus should be an investment after establishing your venture. When we started earning initial months, we enjoyed our full shares eating, partying, purchasing, etc. But later on, soon we realised that savings are a must. Whatever we were earning we started deducting 10% of our total profit.

This helped us a lot, and we started our NEXT Projects which are under process and will be launched soon. The resources we had opened us the opportunity to hire good writers, logo makers, website designers, paid guest postings to related niches, etc. Today you’ll hardly find any good website publishing contents for free. Moreover, there are other challenges like finding good writers, designers, etc. It takes a lot to get the right people in your team, but it’s not impossible.

If you have a website, say service website, product or affiliate to boost traffic you have to go for guest posting and link building options. This marketing strategy works like a gem. If you write a solid content and explain your product or service, readers redirect to your site automatically. I’ve also experienced that if your guest posting site selection is not proper, or you fail to recognise your targeted audiences then undoubtedly the page will receive the traffic, but won’t convert.  

So those were my marketing promotion strategies that worked for me. When you start something of your own you wish to get someone to answers your few questions like:

  • What is the amount of risk that will come my way?
  • When will my business start to get recurring income?
  • How much money do I’ve spent on promotions?
  • How will I drive traffic to my website, etc.?

But believe me, if you’re a startup follow the above-listed strategies you’ll realise the management and inflow of cash. Experience comes when you start working to meet challenges conquer it and work hard. So. I’m here waiting for you to hear your problems, your success stories, your business ideas, what strategies you put in to grow your business, drop a comment below and let the people listen to you. 

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