5 Best SEO Backlinks Monitoring And Tracking Tools


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Monitoring links is a challenge when it comes to keeping track of some backlinks. Also, as the number of links goes on, it becomes tough to know which links exist and which don’t.

However, with link monitoring services you can easily keep a track on the incoming also outgoing links. Also, check on the links which don’t exist anymore, i.e., links giving 404 error (broken links).

TIP: You can always redirect the broken links to your quality pages of the site.

Why it’s so important to monitor backlinks?

Because Google does keep the wrongly linked websites away from the searches, for example, you started building quality links to your website. By quality, I mean, taking links from authority and niche specific sites.

But you never know who else (maybe the competitor or spammers) doing negative SEO by building irrelevant links to your site. This would seriously impact your site’s ranking and might cause you a penalty as well.

TIP: If you notice irrelevant links (links that are coming from irrelevant sources- Porn/Adult, Gambling, etc.), you can simply disavow them via the Google Webmaster Tool.

TIP: You can always redirect the broken links to your quality pages of the site.

As a result, we have come up with the most recommended link monitoring services here to help you to keep an eye on your quality and irrelevant backlinks.

5 Best Link Monitoring Tools To Keep An Eye On Backlinks 

Just to let you know that there are lots of backing monitoring services available over the web to do the job, but we keep it simple for you by covering only the ones that are mostly used by other SEO specialists out there.

Let us have a look at these different services which will help you to keep a track on your links:

1. Linkody

Backlink Tracker by Linkody is one of the most accessible tools to track your link building campaigns. Monitor your backlinks 24×7 to get a full analysis of your competitor’s link building strategy; all is taken care with the help of Linkody.

backlinks checker tool

Linkody provides the user with the notification of loss and gain of links. Also the analysis of links with profiles of the different website which do include tons of different metrics.

With all the different metrics one can easily analyze to the valuable and harmful links, and with just one click you can even block the links, and hence this can be helpful for different experiments with link building.

Some Cool Features of Linkody:

1. Includes Disavow Tool
2. PDF Whitelabel Reports
3. Connect Google Analytics
4. Email Notifications for link reports

The free trial offers to check five unique domains for the backlinks every week, available for 30 days after which you will have to pay a fee ranging from 15$ a month to 150$ a month depending on the plan and services you choose.

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2. SERPed

SERPed is all-in-one SEO suite that will save your expenses. It offers you 45+ SEO tools in one kit like keyword research, lead gen, etc. including link management tool.


backlinks monitoring tool

You can easily manage all your backlinks with ease. All the backlinks are shown with a live status which includes if they are live or not.

Also, the index status, Moz metrics, anchors profiles, and much more are available in just a few clicks making it a really powerful tool for the SEO managers.

Not only the links but SERPed also keeps a track on to the domains and their status if they are blacklisted from Google Search and hence help you to keep track of healthy and harmful incoming and outgoing links.

Some Interesting Features of SERPed:

1. Integrates data from world’s most trustable sources.
2. Find keywords for your niche site or competitor’s site in a few seconds.
3. Analyze how to outrank your competitor.
4. Helps to build powerful PBNs.

There is a free trial plan of 30 days while there are two different plans where you can easily search 30 links daily in the premium plan, while if you choose the ultimate plan, then you can select with the 200 searches daily.

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3. LINKCheetah

LINKCheetah helps to monitor all your backlinks. It’s the simplest backlink tracker tool where you have to enter your domain, and the tool will show all the backlinks within seconds.

You can check the Ahrefs domain rank score, track whether links are dofollow or nofollow, and remove bad links.


track links

If you want competitor’s backlink profile, then you can enter the URL manually in the search bar and get the links data.

There are hosts with different filters where you can view the results so that you can check the links on which you might need to work upon. You can even see the links which will include the analysis with the reasons why they are not indexed yet.

Some Amazing Features of LINKCheetah:

1. Get faster insights with the Analytic Tool.
2. Auto Import new backlinks.
3. Manage multiple websites.
4. Anchor text distribution.

The tool offers free 14 days trial so that you can check on to their usage, while for the premium plan you will need to pay a fee starting 50$ a month to 200$ a month depending on your usage.

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4. Monitor Backlinks

Another backlink tracking tool which not only helps you to find the good and bad backlinks on your website but also helps you to keep a track on the strategy of your competitors.


monitor backlinks

The tool helps you to find the high-quality websites which are relevant to your niche so that you can contact them for outreach and link building purposes.

Another main task that the tool does is to keep a track on the backlinks on a different website and does notify you if they have mistakenly removed your link.

The tool will itself disallow all the bad links that are redirecting to your website, and hence will help you a long way keeping your site free from all the negative SEO penalties.

The reports from Monitor Backlinks comes with your own customized format and does have different kind of filters where you can shortlist the backlink that you need to work upon.

Some Star Features of MonitorBacklinks:

1. Track keyword’s ranking over time.
2. Recover valuable lost links.
3. Fight negative SEO by disavowing bad links.

The website offers 30-days of Free Trial while for the later usage you can take the plans ranging from 25$ to 144$ depending on the type of features you need.

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5. Ahrefs

If you want to grow your organic search traffic and keep a keen watch over to your competitors to develop your further strategy, then Ahrefs is the way to choose.


backlink tracking tool

Ahrefs has the world’s largest index of live backlinks. Their bots are capable of crawling over 4 billion web pages in every 24 hours which is an excellent number for a backlink manager service.

As their index is updated once every 15 minutes you can be sure that you are getting the latest results hence creating and generating new strategies is never an issue.

The backlink tracking tool is simple to use. Just add your domain, and Ahrefs do the rest of the work. Along with the backlinks you get tons of different SEO metrics.

Some Features of Ahrefs:

1. Get organic search reports.
2. Get access to the private Facebook community.
3. Tailored learning materials included.

The free plan is there which is valid for seven days and will cost you $7. The paid plans start from 99$ a month to 1000$ a month.

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We hope you found the post useful and will try any of the above backlinks tracking tools. The list could be made endless but giving too many options might confuse you.

So, we only tried to cover the best of the five-link monitoring services which you can use to check your backlinks on time.

Do let us know which one you pick. If you are already using any backlink monitoring tool, feel free to share it. 

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